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The General Periodic Inspection (APK) is a legally required inspection in Europe to promote road safety and to protect the environment. Here you will find more information about the MOT, when and how often your vehicle has to be inspected, the inspection report and the inspection requirements.

The inspection requirement and the regulations are set out in the Road Traffic Act 1994. The laws and regulations can be viewed on the website

MOT tests in the Netherlands

If your vehicle has to be APK-tested, then you must go to an APK-company accredited by the RDW. Here you can read what you have to do.

You make an appointment with an RDW certified APK company. You recognize these companies in the recognition shield with the text 'RDW recognized' and a sticker with the text 'APK light vehicles' or 'APK heavy vehicles'.


  • The APK inspector of the APK company approves the vehicle.
  • The costs of the inspection have not been determined and differ per company.
  • After the inspection you will always receive an APK inspection report (also with a rejection).


The APK is a snapshot and does not guarantee that your vehicle remains safe for the rest of the year to drive and that you do not have to carry out maintenance for a year. Regular monitoring and maintenance of your vehicle remain important. In the event of a shortage of independent inspection bodies, the RDW can carry out inspections and issue test reports.

RDW control

The RDW checks whether the APK inspections have been carried out properly. This is done through sampling. If your car is selected for a sample, you are obliged to cooperate. The APK inspector of the RDW is present at your car within 90 minutes.

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General explanation

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