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From €24,99

"That way you know exactly what you are buying!"

When you are about to buy a used car, you obviously want certainty about the state of the car. Of course you do not have to remember to buy a car with hidden defects, with a back-turned mileage or an unknown maintenance history! To feel comfortable with the current state of the car it is wise to have a purchase inspection carried out by a quality garage!

Quality engines offer you a purchase inspection that is very extensive and is carried out by an experienced technician! Qualitymotors is recognized by RDW (RijksDienst Wegverkeer) and has all the necessary equipment to carry out a purchase inspection!

Qualitymotors offers you a reliable, independent and expert quality assessment of the condition of your future car! This way you know exactly where you stand.

Purchase inspection € 24.99

Purchase inspection with report € 74.99

  • Check for 154 points
  • Purchase report
  • Possible repair advice / quotation
  • Advice on purchase amount
  • Duration 1 hour +/-
  • Check for 35 points
  • Comparable with APK inspection
  • Duration 20 min +/-

Spare key available?

Chassis in order?

Maintenance books available?

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