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Big maintenance scooter​​​​​​​


"To extend the life of your scooter, it is important that you carry out your maintenance on time!"

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It is of course important that you can safely get on the road with you scooter? In addition to safety, it is of course also so much fun if you go scooter for a while, do not you? Of course, that is why good maintenance is essential! Read more on this page what we are doing to keep your scooter on top!

PS: It is advisable to carry out a large turn once every 5,000 a 6,000 km and to do an oil service or a small turn once every 3,000 km.

What do we replace / check?

  • Check valve clearance / Adjust
  • Check / replace gearbox oil
  • Change Motor oil
  • Check / replace spark plugs
  • V-belt / drive belt check / replace
  • Check / replace variable rollers
  • Carburetor cleaning & adjusting
  • Clean and replace air filter
  • Check the fuel line and replace the filter
  • Check brakes & brake pads (replace at more price)
  • Check and replace fluids
  • Checking wheels, tires for wear and air pressure (replace at a higher price)
  • Check shock absorber front and rear
  • Check all attachment points
  • Check electricity and lighting
  • Control vehicle for traffic security

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens during the major maintenance?

Question: For how many kilometers is it wise to carry out a major maintenance visit for my scooter?

Answer: During the major service, all essential parts for starting, driving and braking are checked. The great deal prolongs the life of your scooter considerably!

Answer: We recommend a major maintenance service at least once every 6,000 driven kilometers!

ATTENTION !: The price mentioned for a large turn does not include additional costs for repairing or replacing parts that have not been mentioned!