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What is a catalyst and what does it do?

The catalyst converts exhaust gases, carbon monoxide and nitrogen into carbon dioxide and dinitrogen, or of less environmentally harmful quality. Exhaust gases are heated by a metal part filled with platinum and palladium, the catalysis also takes place here.

Why is the catalyst replaced?

It is extremely important to replace a broken catalytic converter immediately! The moment the car can no longer dispose of its exhaust gas, the car loses a considerable amount of power!

When should the catalyst be replaced?

A catalytic converter usually lasts a long time and generally does not need to be replaced until the piece is ready. A catalytic converter usually becomes quite hot and can burn away, the catalytic material can become loose in the part, and the catalytic converter can also break down by driving on leaded petrol! Unfortunately, a broken catalytic converter is often the result of a defect elsewhere in your car.

"A broken or burned down catalyst is easy to discover by means of an exhaust gas test during maintenance!"