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Small maintenance scooter

"Regularly check your oil (level) and refresh
significantly the life of your scooter. Do your maintenance on time! "

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A service for scooters or mopeds, your scooter is completely checked for possible defects and wear parts that come at the end of their life! For most scooters or mopeds, it is advised to carry out a maintenance around approximately two thousand kilometers and necessary around three thousand kilometers!

What do we replace / check?

  •  Change / replace oil
  • Cleaning and adjusting the carburetor (2 stroke)

  • Replace spark plug

  • Quality of the tires (Profile & eg drought)

  • Control Brake system & blocks

  • Control Air filter (-house) & Cleaning

  • Checking the tire pressure

  • Control electricity & lighting


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Oil change

Cleaning / adjusting carburetor (2-stroke)

Replace spark plug

Analysis of tires; profile, drought & tension

Analysis Brake system;

Analysis air filter and cleaning filter & house.

Check and control lighting.

Engine oil is essential for the lubrication, fuel consumption and cooling of your engine. Moving parts wear less quickly, the engine of your scooter continues to run smoothly. Oil also absorbs the dirt that floats in the engine. Consider incineration residues, but also, for example, metal particles that we can barely see with the naked eye.

This 'vacuum cleaner function' reduces the purity of the engine oil. The so-called 'viscosity' runs back, or the 'thickness' of the engine oil that determines the quality of the lubrication. Your scooter will run less smoothly because it will pollute more and in the worst case can even go wrong. This can be avoided by changing the engine oil in time.

A good adjustment is important for the engine performance and durability of the engine block.

The spark plug is a crucial part of the engine and produces a spark that causes the combustion in the cylinder of the air / fuel mixture.

To have a good grip in dry and wet weather it is important that the tire of your scooter has sufficient profile. In order to make optimum use of the life span of a tire, it is important that scooter tires are always sufficiently inflated. Furthermore, it is important for your safety that the tires do not contain drought cracks or other age symptoms.

With brake discs, the braking effect is achieved because brake pads are pressed against the brake disc. The brake pad is glued to the brake shoe. The brake disc is mounted on the wheel hub.

If the driver brakes, the brake shoes with brake pads move in the direction of the brake disc and they squeeze it. The kinetic energy is processed into functional energy. This leads to a delay of the car. Brake pads are worn, so they need to be replaced regularly. Brake shoes consist of a metal base, friction material and sometimes also sound insulation.

If the air filter is seriously polluted or even clogged, it will affect the fuel / air ratio that enters the engine. The engine will perform less and even go irregularly, fuel consumption will increase. In short: high time to replace the air filter!

Lights do you in the first place to be better seen. In the second place you turn on the lights to see better yourself. It is very important that other road users can see you in time. Make sure that the lighting is not defective, properly adjusted and that the lamps are clean. Your lighting must be on at night and during the day, if vision is seriously obstructed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: For how many kilometers is it wise to carry out a small turn for my scooter?

Answer: We recommend to carry out a minor maintenance service at least 1x per 3,000 driven kilometers!

Question: What happens during the minor maintenance?

Answer: During the minor service, we will be the first to change the engine oil and replace the spark plug of the scooter, we will continue to monitor the entire scooter for safety and the life of the parts.