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Air filter element Cleaning / replacing

"Air filter keeps the intake air that is needed for ignition in your engine block clean, it is recommended to have a major overhaul at least once every 5,000 kilometers"

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€15 - €30

The air filter filters the air that goes to the carburetor. This air is needed for combustion, without oxygen there can be no explosion. To keep the air in the cylinder clean, scooter manufacturers place an air filter on the scooter.


If you drive without a (properly functioning) air filter there is a chance that, for example, sand grains or other debris will get into the cylinder directly through the intake. This is likely to cause the dirt between the piston and the cylinder wall. This will damage the cylinder wall, with the result that your scooter will break down and will no longer drive!


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does an air filter actually do?

Answer: The air filter ensures that the extracted air is purified before it enters the engine!

Answer: The air filter is usually replaced during the major maintenance, otherwise every 6,000 kilometers

Question: How often should the air filter be replaced?