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The moped is a motor vehicle and is therefore subject to wear and tear. That is why it is important that you arrange maintenance in good time. If you neglect maintenance, you will have far more costs. Even worse, you unnecessarily endanger yourself.

The first service maintenance is very important. This must take place between the first 300 and 500 km. During the first service, the engine oil and transmission oil will be replaced. All moving parts are checked for proper lubrication.



Onderstaande tabel is een indicatie welk onderhoud er bij een bepaalde kilometerstand moet plaatsvinden om je scooter in optimale conditie te houden. Uiteraard kunnen de kilometerstanden afwijken omdat nu eenmaal niet elke scooter dezelfde belasting te verwerken krijgt. Onderhoudskosten zitten niet inbegrepen in verkoop. - Kymco-onderdelen specialist


~The maintenance of a moped is not just a smart thing to do but a financial wise decision  Is a specialist in kymco parts, every part of the brand KYMCO for the lowest price!

Frequently asked questions

ANSWER: There are different types of servicing! 1) The big maintenance service, 2) The small maintenance service & 3) The oil service! What important to keep is too then in any case is to use optimal performance and lifespan of your moped you should every 3,000 km at least do a oil service and preferably a small maintenance service! It is also important that you do a big maintenance service every 6,000 kilometers! More information about the small and large service!

QUESTION: What is the kilometer interval that my moped has to be serviced?

Maintenance of the scooter

The first maintenance job