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Replace V-belt or drive belt

"The rollers ensure that the engine runs exactly at a certain speed until it reaches the top, the V-belt takes care of the transmission, so squaring rolls or a worn string ensures a lot of power loss and therefore more fuel consumption!"

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A V-belt is usually replaced because it is worn out. You can see that because it starts to unravel or when it begins to slip. The V-belt is also always replaced at a large turn but it is also advisable to replace the v-belt in a small turn.

Replace transmission rollers

In the Variation Coupler are rollers that are thrown out by the outward swinging force (centrifugal force). They roll through the guides (an oblique path) and thus move the movable disk. Because of this construction you have to pay attention to a number of points:

  • Are the roles of the right weight?
  • T heavy rolls are thrown out too slowly.
  • Too light rolls are thrown out too quickly.

The Variator (Vario) has the task to keep the engine running at a constant speed, this is done thanks to the rollers, which roll out during acceleration, so this is like the acceleration of your scooter. The diameter of the V-belt increases with the vario, and with the coupling it becomes smaller.

So you use the power of your motorcycle. But the engine continues to run at the same number of revs, so there must be some change if you want to get a higher speed.

The vario-bus / ring is a small ring / can which ensures that the v-belt can not climb to a higher gear so you remain limited or limited in speed.

Vario bus & ring


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Here you can find more information about the operation of vario and its components:








Question: What does the V-belt of a scooter actually do?

Answer: The V-belt or also called a timing belt is for the transmission of energy from the engine to the rear wheel. The scooter is continuously variable and therefore has no fixed gear.

Answer: Fortunately, it is not as bad as the snap of a timing belt in a car, it is very annoying for the mechanic the belt leaves a decent mess in the block behind that must first be cleaned up. You can not continue driving until the belt is replaced.

Question: What happens if the v-belt of the scooter snaps?

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: The weight of the roller rollers determines the acceleration speed and idling of the scooter.

Question: What do the vario roles or the transmission roles actually do?

Answer: If the vario-rollers become square, the scooter will accelerate very slowly and irregularly idle.

Question: What happens if the Vari roles are square?