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Headlight unit


"To be able to safely participate in traffic, it is of course important that you have well-functioning lighting throughout the day and night"

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Flashing light

Koplamp unit scooter

Do you need a new headlight for your scooter? Quality motors can order and install a new headlight for every brand and model scooter.

For your safety as a driver in traffic it is of course important that your lighting and therefore your flashing light does well. A defective flashing light ensures that other participants in traffic do not have a good picture of what you are going to do and can not anticipate.

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Question: What kind of lights are lighting in my scooter?

Answer: There are different types of lights that go into different scooters! We have all the lights in stock!

Frequently Asked Questions

If your head-camp is torn or broken, it is of course important that you can stay safely on the road, that is why we advise you to replace your headlight! Well-functioning lighting is essential to be able to participate clearly in traffic.