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Wheel bearings what are they actually?

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The bearings that keep the wheel running, and are therefore also heavily loaded. making it happen again that the wheel bearing is broken or worn.

When to replace?

If a wheel bearing is worn, it makes a singing, humming and / or whistling sound. Making a worn wheel bearing quickly noticed while driving. For example, the sound can be heard at a left turn and not at a right turn or otherwise.

This is purely dependent on how the bearing is taxed at that moment. The wheel bearings are also checked during maintenance or MOT inspection.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are possible causes of faulty wheel bearings?


Problems with wheel bearings are generally determined by a sound, but the causes can be different. Below are the top 3 root causes of a defect. If one of these defects is detected, there is usually no other option than replacing the bearing.

1. Printing or breaks in the career: this can be caused by a skewed or brutally mounted bearing or because the bearing has fallen.
2. Scratching the bullets: this can be caused by moving the car while the central nut was unloaded or removed, or by deformation of the bullets
3. Stagnation, heating or lack of lubrication.

Two types of wheel bearings

  • Wheel bearing without drive shaft connection.

These wheel bearings are mounted on the wheels that do not have a drive. Either they just join. The wheel bearings without a drive shaft connection are easier to replace and therefore also slightly cheaper.

  • Wheel bearing with drive shaft connection.

The wheel bearings with drive shaft connection are mounted on the wheels that drive the car. Usually these are the front wheels. But for example at BMW and Mercedes, the drive wheels are behind. These are heavier bearings because they have to be able to handle more forces and thus have to endure more.

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