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A leaky head gasket ensures that the engine runs on fewer cylinders and there is a chance that the engine of your car will eventually get stuck / broken!

"Bij echt dikke witte rook denkt men al snel aan een lekke koppakking"

We always replace

The entire head gasket set & the necessary parts are completely replaced. Repairing a head gasket is a very labor-intensive job, this of course has to do with the fact that the head gasket is in a difficult to reach place. It often happens that, in addition to the replacement of the head gasket, the cylinder head has to be leveled off. And that is why it is always important when replacing the head gasket that you bring the car along for further inspection.

When to replace?

A head gasket is the seal between the engine block and the cylinder head. The head gasket provides a watertight connection between these two engine parts. The gasket must be placed watertight so that the coolant and the oil can not mix.

The head gasket can break due to age or due to rapid heating (if you are not running quietly). Then the head gasket will leak and oil and coolant can be mixed together.

When this happens you run the risk of getting a very expensive repair for your choice. The car can also run on fewer cylinders. If you continue to drive like this you can cause serious damage to your engine.

The risk of driving with a leaky head gasket


A leaky head gasket

Question: What is a head gasket failure and where is it located or gasket located exactly?

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Repair of the head gasket

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