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Change gearbox,repair & flush

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A complete revision is not always necessary. Sometimes there is a small technical or electronic problem. More about gearbox repair

Gearbox overhaul

Gearbox repair

Rinse / Flush

After analyzing the problems with your gearbox, we explain what needs to be done, why it should be done and what the approximate price will be. We are able to deliver effective and qualitative work in the field of automatic overhaul, automatic repair, manual overhaul and manual repair. We ensure that you can quickly get back on track with your overhauled gearbox.

Gearbox broken and now?

During the overhaul, your (automatic) gearbox is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. More about gearbox overhaul

An automatic gearbox is full of moving parts such as bearings, planetary gear, drums and lots of friction materials. All this polluted the oil. To change all the oil present in the box and cooler, a specially designed machine can be used to rinse the container.