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Timing belt replacement

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€450 - €750


"The timing belt is a car-part that is replaced pre-emptive at a certain mileage/kilometer range, for example at 120.000 or 150.000. When you should have it replaced is noted in the manual or maintenance schedule of the car!"

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Distributieriem set auto
  1. VW Golf (2003)

  2. Ford Fiesta (2001)

  3. VW Polo (2009)

  4. BMW 5serie (2009)

  5. Audi A4 (2008)

  6. Ford Focus (2006)

  7. Volkswagen Passat (2004)

  8. Opel Astra (2011)

  9. Mercedes C-Klasse (2012)

  10. Audi A3 (2009)

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Cost specification

  1. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €265 + benod. €15

  2. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €150 + benod. €15

  3. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €185 + benod. €15

  4. Arbeid €n.o.t.k + Distributiekettingkit €165 + benod. €15

  5. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €390 + benod. €15

  6. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €255 + benod. €15

  7. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €315 + benod. €15

  8. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €330 + benod. €15

  9. Arbeid €n.o.t.k + Distributiekettingkit €300 + benod. €15

  10. Arbeid €250 + Distrib.set & w.pomp €185 + benod. €15


  1. €530

  2. €415

  3. €450

  4. notk

  5. €655

  6. €520

  7. €580

  8. €595

  9. notk

  10. €450

*Prices above are ALL in & indicational

Do you want to know more facts about the replacing of the timing belt or the functioning of check out:

The timing belt is one of the most essential parts of the motor car engine. The timing belt continuously ensured that timing of the essential parts in the engine remain correct! A timing-belt consists of rubber fibers. These materials are subject to wear and tear.

What is a Timing belt and from what kind of material is it made?

The timing belt should be replaced periodically due to wear. The replacement of a timing belt is complicated and labor-intensive, and therefore it can be considered an expensive repair never the less an essential procedure! If not replaced in time, the timing belt can snap and the aftermath could be catastrophic and thus also the repair costs can increase multiple times!

"Because of that the risks make sure your timing belt is replaced in time and according to manufacturer's instructions!"

Replacing the timing belt is probably more work than you would imagine

Before the technician can replace the timing belt, he will have to remove the old belt this is a difficult procedure the belt is not easily accessible.
First some components must be removed, such as the multi belt, crankshaft pulley, depending on the model, the aluminum cover and the air filter and finally the dust caps. Because the timing belt on a difficult-to-reach place in the car, replacing the belt is time consuming but essential!

What gets replaced

When replacing the timing belt the car parts that come in contact with the the belt are checked for quality and endurance. The idler and tensioner what turns around the belt will be replaced aswell. When replacing the belt, the technician ensures that the belt has the correct tension. If the belt tension is correct, all disassembled parts can be reassembled. To ensure that every part is connected correctly, the technician turns over the engine manually.

The time to get the job done depends and differs per car and model.

Periodic replacement of the timing belt  (60.000 to 180.000 km)

Timing belt repair replacement

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