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Auto battery rEPLACEment

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€ 75 t/m €200

Duracell - BDS 44

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Duracell - BDS 70

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Duracell - BDS 95

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12V / 70 AMP ,Polen: - + ,Afmeting: 278x175x175 ,type: Starter

12V / 44 AMP ,Polen: - + ,Afmeting: 210x175x175 ,type: Starter

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Start stop system

from €200

Replacement of the car battery

  1. Do you think the battery of your car is broken?
  2. The car does not want to catch on
  3. The (battery) light in the dashboard of your car is on?
  4. Have you left the lighting / radio?

Different type of car batteries

There are different types of car batteries:

  1. Normal battery

  2. Start / stop battery

  3. Batteries with high & low amperage

What does a car battery cost?

The target prices of regular car batteries are around € 75 to € 200, for start-up batteries the prices start around € 200 + and here any possible learning costs can be added.

How do I recognize a weak or empty battery?

  1. If the battery of your car does not have enough capacity to start the engine, you will often only hear a ticking sound when turning the key.
  2. It is also possible that the car stops responding when you try to start the car. If this is the result of an empty battery, the lights on the dashboard during the start attempt will burn very weak or even disappear completely.
  3. When the battery is completely empty, there is no light on even when the ignition is switched. Often, for example, the central door locking system, the radio and other power consumers will no longer work.

Possible cause

  1. The car does nothing during the start attempt but the lights on the dashboard remain just as bright as when only on contact then the problem is not in the battery! The problem will then be found in the starter motor or in the control thereof.
  2. There is also a difference between not starting and not starting the engine. If the starter motor just rotates at normal speed when starting and just continues, but the engine does not turn on, the battery will not be the problem either.

12V / 90 AMP ,Polen: - + ,Afmeting: ...x...x... ,type: Starter