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Engineblock build in

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  • Does the delivered motor match your current engine.
  • Does the engine have visible damage?
  • Check all oil seals for possible leakage.

At the exit is a gasket ring this must be renewed. Furthermore, the oil and oil filter must be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions, this can be seen as a minor maintenance, the mechanic takes care of the amount of viscosity. Then it is always under the guise of quality maintenance that the timing belt and water pump have to be replaced.

If the intake manifold needs to be adjusted, we always make sure that it is completely clean. This prevents us from breaking the new engine.


After the installation of the engine, it is checked whether the radiator flows properly and if there is any leakage. Moreover, we also check immediately whether the cooling fin motor starts. We try as much of the electronic elements as possible, for example; Sensors, wire harness, temperature sensors etc original to prevent as much electrical interference as possible.

In addition to the installation of the new engine

Control of cooling fan and radiator

Question: What happens if I do not change the timing belt set or do not replace it at all?

Answer: It will not be long before the belt snaps. When a timing belt or timing chain breaks, breaks or jumps, the timing between crankshaft (pistons) and camshafts (valves) will no longer be present, causing serious damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

In practice, we have a lot to do with motor damage related to cars, one of the many causes can often be traced back to overheating of the engine, an oil shortage or for too long delayed maintenance (causing problems with distribution, for example).

In these cases, we carry out a careful diagnosis on the engine block.

Sometimes it is immediately clear what the problem is, in other cases a more extensive diagnosis is needed. Press the refrigeration system, perform leak tests, measure compression, and other diagnostic methods.
In a number of cases, diagnosis means that a number of parts are already disassembled and, for example, the cylinder head is lifted.
Quality engines have the right equipment to read the computer (engine management system) of cars, often finding a fault easier.

Building in the new engine

  • Complete timingbelt set = Avg. € 100 - € 300 (dep.type car)
  • Water pump = Avg. € 50 - € 150 (depending on car)
  • Oil & oil filter = Avg. € 50 - € 150 (depending on car)
  • Engine block = Avg. € 500 - € 3,000 (dep. Type of car)

We check that there is enough oil in the turbo and that this oil can also flow away easily, hereby we pay extra attention to any kinked pipes or blockages. The suction hoses and intercooler are cleaned. In the case of a diesel engine with a starter lock on the fuel pump, the pump must be converted.

Control of turbo, piping & suction

Total picture

Question: Replace engine block or buy new car?

Answer: It depends, of course, on what kind of car we have. With a daily value of around € 3,000 - € 4,000 or higher, it is already a lot cheaper to have your engine replaced! Of course there is still a factor in the consideration, you know your own car and know what can possibly happen. When buying a new car you do not yet know where you stand and can overdue maintenance be ready.

Question: Can you arrange a used engine for me, and do I get a warranty on it?

Answer: We can certainly buy a used engine block for you, keep in mind that we charge for the entire process of purchase and transport costs. As far as the guarantee for the installation is concerned, provided that the installation is fulfilled in accordance with our condition, you have absolute guarantee. With regard to the engine itself, the warranty is given by the seller and will be discussed with you in advance of the purchase.

Purchased own engine? First check:

Controle van koelvin en radiateur