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Clutch replacement for cars

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""You excellerate but you hardly progress, then it may be that you have to replace it! It is certainly advisable to have a garage advise you on this point and possibly have your clutch replaced!""

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What happens when replacing the clutch

When replacing the coupling, the transmission oil must usually also be replaced. You may also need the flywheel, the hydraulic thrust bearing, the crankshaft seals,

drive shaft seals or preload brakes also need to be replaced. Of course, we will first inform you about and

do not proceed in this without your consent!

What does a clutch actually do?

A clutch is the connection between the engine and the gearbox and makes it possible to switch.

A clutch set consists of a clutch plate, a pressure group and a thrust bearing.

Simply put, a number of plates are pressed firmly against each other or against the flywheel by means of springs. When you press the clutch completely, the contact with the flywheel is broken and there is no contact between the engine and the wheels.

When does a clutch need to be replaced?

A worn-out link is often characterized by 'slipping'; when you let the clutch come on the car is moving very slowly.

If you notice while driving (suddenly) accelerating the speed increases but the car does not accelerate or hardly, then that can also be a sign of a worn clutch.

Squeaking or cracking when the clutch is depressed may indicate a worn clutch pressure bearing.

And if i don't replace the clutch?

The clutch becomes unusable due to defects in the parts. Then it is no longer possible to drive away with the car from a standstill and normal switching becomes impossible.

What will be replaced?

If your link needs to be renewed, all parts will always be replaced together (even if only one of the three is faulty).

The amount of work to replace each of the three parts is so great that one wants to exclude the risk that later exactly the same work has to be done to replace one of the other parts.

Clutch repair English translation

We also provide our information about clutch repairs in English!

Double mass flywheel

Target price €750

Question: My car makes a lot of noise / revs but does not move forward?

Answer: it is very likely that your clutch is worn and needs to be replaced!

In the case of a double mass flywheel, the total mass of the flywheel is divided over two parts that are partially separate from each other. This is in contrast to the conventional flywheel, which consists of 1 mostly cast and machined piece of cast iron.

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* The price indicated above is an indication price and we reserve the right to implement price changes, partly or through the performance of other or additional work. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change prices by being forced to use alternative parts due to liver faults or delays. Each vehicle is unique and the above mentioned prices are meant to give you an idea of what it will cost you about, for a definitive price you can contact us directly.

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