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Spark plug


"One of the most important parts of the ignition system of a combustion engine with petrol or gas as fuel is the spark plug (literally: candle) or ignition candle."

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The spark plug is a crucial part of the engine and produces a spark that causes the combustion in the cylinder of the air / fuel mixture.


Scooters are now almost always equipped with a 12v electrical installation, powered by an alternating current dynamo mounted on the crankshaft. The alternator generates alternating current and is electronically rectified and then operates the further installation (charging current for, among other things, lighting, battery, etc.) The CDI then controls the ignition electronically, (which stands for capactive discharge ignition) in combination with the ignition coil.

Ignition coil

The ignition coil has the function of converting a low voltage into a high peak voltage. The ignition coil has windings, a primary and a secondary one. In the primary winding, a number of windings are small. With the primary winding, the number of windings is small and the wire diameter is large.
In the secondary winding it is exactly the other way around. The number of turns is large and the wire diameter is small (eg 0.05 mm). The ratio between these numbers of windings largely determines the relationship between incoming and outgoing voltage.

This voltage can be extremely high, particularly in modern systems. The spark plug cable is connected to the secondary winding with the spark plug cap to which this voltage is applied.


The stator is the stationary part of an engine or generator. The stator is composed of a soft-iron core, surrounded by the windings

Scooter CDI & onderhoud
Scooter stator

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Question: Why does the spark plug have to be replaced?

Answer: The spark plug is round-off and burns, as it were, so the cylinder can skip and / or stutter or experience loss of power.

Question: What exactly is a stator?

Answer: The stator is the stationary part of an electric motor or generator. The stator is composed of a soft-iron core, surrounded by the windings for generating the magnetic field. The soft-iron core consists of perforated soft iron plates that are insulated from each other.

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