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Brake pads


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Brake cables

Brake pads are metal plates on which friction material or lining material is glued. The brake pads are held in place by the brake caliper and pressed by the brake piston (s). Often the blocks and the thickness of the brake pads can be seen through the rim.

Brake discs ensure that a vehicle reduces speed and eventually comes to a standstill. By depressing the brake pedal or pinching the brake lever, a piston moves in the master cylinder. The piston then exerts pressure on the brake fluid in the brake lines. The pressure is set to a wheel brake cylinder and the pistons then press the brake pads against the brake discs.

Proper braking of the brake cables is essential. Due to use, friction, elongation and excessive bending work, the effectiveness of the cable can decrease considerably. Moreover, a sudden rupture of the brake cable is of course perilous.

"In the interest of your safety, we advise you to have your brake system checked in good time!"


Scooter remklauw vervangen

Ensures that the brake pressure is evenly distributed over the brake pads, giving you a smooth but firm braking force and allowing you to come to a smooth and safe stop.









Question: How many kilometers must the brake pads of my scooter be replaced?

Answer: The brake pads of a scooter are best replaced every 7.500km!

Question: What happens if my brake discs are crooked?

Answer: If your brake discs are crooked, your brake pads will go up 2x to 3 times as fast. Furthermore, your braking power decreases and this can mean a risk to your safety!

Question: Should the brake pads also be replaced, should the brake pads also be replaced?

Answer: If your brake pads are replaced in time before they are completely finished, you can drive around 30,000 km with your discs if you are or have been counted, it will have to be done earlier every 10,000.

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