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At Qualitymotors you can go 7 days a week to have your scooter tire replaced. The average price for replacing your tire with a new scooter tire (summer) is € 70 ALL in. Do you want a specific brand or an ALL-season / Winterband, then it is wise to first call us and possibly make an appointment.


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"We have 90% of all common scooter tire sizes on stock"

New scooter tire

What is the difference between summer tires, rain tires and winter tires?

Summer tires = rain tires:
The terms summer tires and rain tires actually refer to the same type of tires. The main characteristic of summer tires is that they deliver ideal driving and braking performance in all seasons on both dry and wet roads and at temperatures above freezing.

Summer tires vs winter tires:
The biggest difference between a summer tire and a winter tire is the tread of the tire. Unlike a winter tire, a summer tire does not have a variety of notches in the tread. The profile of a winter tire is usually coarser.

Without an appointment

At Qualitymotors you can come by without an appointment to have your scooter tire replaced!

Question: How many kilometers can an average ride with a scooter tire?

Answer: If you keep your tires tidy, you can drive 15,000 kilometers with them.

Question: I feel that my scooter tire is wearing out faster than usual, how is this possible?

Answer: This is mostly due to the tire pressure, each scooter tire needs a different tension. Even if you have just driven on a tire with too low a tension, the tire is probably already seriously damaged internally

Vraag: Wat doet een winterband en waarom is het in bepaalde weersomstandigheden beter dan een zomerband?

Answer: A winter tire is a tire specially designed for driving in cold conditions and on snow. Manufacturers make a winter tire by using softer rubber and a special profile. Winter tires have a large amount of slats in the profile.

Starting at. €70 incl montage

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