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Damiaan Miller

"Because quality is essential!"
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Mobiel direct: +31 (0)6 822 737 93

Address: Stofkuipstraat 2b, 1531 NC, Wormer

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Monday: 11:00 tot 23:00

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Wednesday: 11:00 tot 23:00

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Sunday: 11:00 tot 23:00

Saturday: 11:00 tot 23:00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Antwoord: Of course we can never know exactly what is going on with your vehicle before the vehicle is on the carbridge. What we can do is give an price indication, otherwise we always try to communicate as clearly as possible with you so that you always know what you can expect.

Question: I would like to have an idea of what the repaircosts of my; Car / motorcycle / scooter will be, is that possible?

Telephone number: +31 75 641 54 54

Email: Use the Live chat function